February 25th 2017

Fishing in the mosquito Lagoon over the past three weeks has been absolutely Epic. Redfish and black drum are all over the shallow Flats. Sea trout have been out in the deeper water along the drop-offs and the edges of the sand bars. The best bite has been early morning as the sun is coming up. The black drum and redfish or eating live shrimp when they're schooled up tailing. Sea trout were catching on popping corks with live shrimp and various types of soft plastic swimbaits. The best color this last week has been root beer with a chartreuse tail on pretty much anything that looks like a swimming Bait fish.

Huge black drum and large red fish are sitting in the canal and eating blue crab cut clam and cut bait fish. The only issue there has been the crowds... most days the canal is totally overwhelmed with too many boats so I've elected to stay on the flats. The weather has been phenomenal most days are between 75 and 80 degrees with clear skies and low winds. This is pretty much what every tourist is looking for when they come to Florida great weather and great fishing. Here is a collection of photos from this past month fishing trips I hope you enjoy I look forward to getting you out of the water. Let's Go Fishin